The Iwase transportation is an international distribution entrepreneur who works on the proposal, the improvement, and the development of transportation as a special transportation, carrying, and installed trader of the superprecision weight equipment.




A flagship transporter meeting the needs of tomorrow through the latest technologies, from shipping of heavy ultra-high-precision equipment to their installation.The air-conditioner container of exclusive use is carried and the same vehicles perform consistent transportation.

The Need for Experts in Plant Logistics

  • Within the field of precision and heavy equipment there are unique features of each industry, each with their own transportation requirements.
  • One must not only know how a device looks, but also understand the properties of any chemicals that had been used during its operation and be careful of hazardous items.
  • The place of operations is a clean room, so the workers must have the experience and education necessary to ensure safety.
  • The vehicles, equipment, and workers to accommodate all manner of transportation requirements.

The merit of consistent transportation

  • Equipment unification transportation
  • Wooden box export packing needlessness
  • Maintenance of shock evasion, temperature, and humidity
  • Minimization of equipment demolition work

It advances performing adjustment with a customer until it results from a transportation plan in customs procedures and the procedure of each official in charge agency in order to which specialization and enlargement progress overly to carry the system of precision apparatus safely. Moreover, it is equipped fully with the newest transportation vehicles from the time of shipment that a perfect quality control should be maintained till arrival, and l reply to safe transportation abroad.


Cargo Bound for Taiwan


Cargo Bound for South Korea


Cargo Bound for China (Example with Shanghai)


We Provide total solutions where we manage all handling processes on through to shipping, from deconstruction to packaging, mobilization, shipping, delivery, and installation of semiconductor fabrication devices and liquid crystal manufacturing devices(ultra-high-precision equipment), whether in Japan or overseas.

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