The Iwase transportation is an international distribution entrepreneur who works on the proposal, the improvement, and the development of transportation as a special transportation, carrying, and installed trader of the superprecision weight equipment.




ISO9001 acquisition certification


Application specification  ISO9001(quality management system)
Certifying organization  Japan quality assurance organization
Certification number  JQA-QMA11383
Certified offices  Tokyo Headquarters and Kyoto Branch office


Green Management acquisition certification


Certification Organization:Foundation for Promoting Personal Mobility and Ecological Transportation
Registration industry:Trucking industry
Registration number:T130198-1(Head Quarters) T130198-2(Kyoto branch)
Registration business place:Head Quarters and the Kyoto branch

Conduct SEAJ-recommended Service Safety Training


We have licensed instructors who can conduct SEAJ(Semiconductor Equipment Association of Japan)-recommended service safety training.
This is the indispensable prerequisite to enter clean rooms and the strategy aimed at aquiring unified knowledge and rules of the safety.
We cunduct this training to our staffs working in a clean room.

Qualified Personnel

Large vehicle Forklift Gas welding Vehicular and construction machinery demolition
Large special vehicle Lead working Vehicular and construction machinery Level 3 diesel mechanic
Towing Organic solvents Operating controller Level 3 gasoline mechanic
International driver’s License Electrician SEAJ safety training Type-2 low-oxygen work
Movable crane Accident insurance Maintenance control Completion of industrial waste collection and transport course
Floor-type crane Supervisor training Health and safety management Fire prevention management
Ceiling-type crane Scaffolding assembly Emergency medical care Person responsible for dispatched workers
Slinging skill Aerial vehicle operation Electrician  

ISO9001 qualification グリーン経営 認証 交通エコモ財団 Gマーク(安全性優良事業所)認証取得 j-goodtech