The Iwase transportation is an international distribution entrepreneur who works on the proposal, the improvement, and the development of transportation as a special transportation, carrying, and installed trader of the superprecision weight equipment.





Corporate Philosophy (Code of Conduct)

We aim to realize an abundant society by taking up themes that are a step ahead of our cimpetitors, raising our corporate value,
and striving for stable management, while always keeping abreast of the trends to accommodate the changing demands of society.

Management Policy

We will augment the Physical and informational aspects of our activities in Japan and over seas, and work to cultivate human resources as a firm able to comprehensively manage distribution.
We will boost our worth as a global corporation and fulfill our obligations to society as we further enhance our corporate value.

  • Strive to enhance quality in a thoroughly customer-first manner
  • Cultivate human resources in a way that values each individual
  • Build a corporation that contributes to the social environment
  • Obtain ISO 9001 certification
  • Reduce waste, recycle, and curb CO2 emissions as steps toward a low-carbon society
  • Obtain Green Management Certification

ISO9001 qualification グリーン経営 認証 交通エコモ財団 Gマーク(安全性優良事業所)認証取得 j-goodtech