The Iwase transportation is an international distribution entrepreneur who works on the proposal, the improvement, and the development of transportation as a special transportation, carrying, and installed trader of the superprecision weight equipment.




We make a concerted effort to utilize our accumulated track record and experienceas an expert on the basis of machine technologies to offer solid execution and continual improvement in order to satisfy our customers' needs and earn their trust.

Full Flight Simulator which works using Mega-Lifter

Based on perfect track records of our agreements with each airline in Japan
Aircraft are advancing as a bridge to the world’s skies. We perform delivery and assembly work from destination ports in Japan for aircraft pilot training devices by performing import and customs tasks, executing oversize-load special shipping, and using special equipment via agreements with overseas manufacturers. We also assign language experts to effect communication between technicians from overseas manufacturers. Based on perfect track records of our agreements with each airline in Japan, we explain the essential requirements at the time of delivery of the pilot training deveces, the regulatory procedures and obtainment of legally required approval, and the procedures for delivery to each building and facility via plans and proposals to related parties. They constitute an important element of our aviation business in terms of working closely with customers and fully elucidating responsibilities.

Space Related

Consistent transportation and delivery to a space center
We are engaged in shipping via special transport vehicles related to satellites and space stations, including satellites themselves and supporting equipment, as these devices place a role in a broad range of activities, from civilization's future hopes and dreams to our environmental efforts. We perform consolidated shipping and delivery processes for all manner of support equipment from the Tsukuba Space Center to the Tanegashima Space Center, such as the Himawari satellite, whech was Japan's first weather and earth observation satellite, as well as technical test satellites, communication and broadcast satellites, and lunar exploration orbital satellites. We monitor and manage each aspect of shipping during transport, including vibration, impact, temperature, and humidity. We consistently provide optimal service as a partner able to leverage our specialized knowledge as an expert transporter to propose shipping processes and methods, enhance services, and reduce costs.

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