The Iwase transportation is an international distribution entrepreneur who works on the proposal, the improvement, and the development of transportation as a special transportation, carrying, and installed trader of the superprecision weight equipment.




Transport Business

Though our specialities are transportation and installation of precision equipments, we will try almost anything as well. We will transport and install equipments to place(Japanese or foreign factory or warehouse, etc.) indicated by a customer. Additionally, we have a lot of vehicles and equipments to transport and install various kind of customers’ goods reliably and safely. “Ensuring the safety of transportation is the high-priority issue and we try to improve the safety continually” as a member of automobile carrier. Through the various activities to the safety, we sustain the improvement of the safety and continue to aspire to becoming the company which is trusted by society and can contribute to society.

ISO9001 qualification グリーン経営 認証 交通エコモ財団 Gマーク(安全性優良事業所)認証取得 j-goodtech